Headache and Chiropractic in Dallas TX

Headache is a frequent complaint that we see every day in our clinic in Dallas, TX. Experts estimate that more than 70% of people suffer from regular headache pain, so if you suffer too, you're not alone.

Head pain can have a wide variety of unique causes. The pain can stem from stress, injuries, poor posture, or just everyday wear and tear. Dr. Cornish has helped a lot of patients in Dallas, TX recover from persistent headaches, and we can probably help you too.

First, we'll do a detailed check-up to understand the root cause of your headache pain. Then, using a variety of methods, we'll help restore your spine's natural functioning to relieve strain on your body and nervous system. Most of our patients see a rapid improvement in their symptoms.

If you are close to our office in Dallas, TX and you suffer from persistent headaches, give our office a call at (214) 750-9600 today to make an appointment or get more information.